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Is It Too Soon to Have My Preschooler’s Eyes Checked?

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

Any reputable eye doctor will tell you that it is never too early to have your child’s eyes checked. In fact, most eye doctors suggest that once your child turns one, they should begin seeing an eye doctor every year or so to make sure that their eyes are developing correctly.

Eye Exam Milestones

A good way to remember how often to have your child’s vision checked is to link it to different school ages. This way, children are seen and have an eye exam in the La Mesa area at recommended intervals.


Your child should have their first full eye exam around the age of 3 ½. This exam will be able to determine if they are seeing correctly. Should your optometrist find that your child needs eyeglasses, they will be ready to enter the world of learning seeing more clearly and learning more easily.


Both eye alignment and vision are typically checked by your eye doctor once your child turns 5. This exam is often supplemented by yearly vision screenings that are done at school as well.

Elementary School Children

If your child needs prescription eyeglasses, he or she should see an eye doctor each year to ensure that the glasses are still working as well as possible. Unfortunately, the most common type of eye problem in children, myopia, tends to get a little bit worse each year necessitating a stronger pair of lenses.

Jr. High and High Schoolers

Worry about appearance often causes Jr. high and high schoolers to “forget” to wear their glasses to school. If you have noticed that they do not seem to be wearing them willingly, it might be time to talk to your La Mesa, CA area optometrist about contact lenses. Teens who can see more clearly tend to do better in most academic areas, so help them make the jump to contacts.

Being proactive about your child’s vision will help to ensure that they are seeing correctly and that their eyes are healthy.  It is often a contributing factor to how well they are able to focus and lean, so take the time to have regular eye exams.


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