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Recall on Hypoallergenic Contact Lens Solution

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

Your trusted eye doctor in La Mesa, CA is here to share about the recent recall on hypoallergenic contact lens solution.

Bausch and Lomb announced a recall of Peroxiclear this peroxi clear contact lens solutionmonth. This is one brand of hypoallergenic contact lens disinfecting solutions. It is similar to Sauflon and Clear Care. We do not carry this in our office. However, some of our patients may have purchased this elsewhere. If you have, here is the problem. After 6 hours, the neutralized solution should be converted to pure silky saline with no need to rinse your lens. But SOME of the bottles of Peroxiclear don’t convert completely. If you use this without rinsing, you may experience intense burning and red eyes. In most cases you will recover in a few hours with no damage. But it could result in a chemical burn that might be of more concern.

What should you do? If you have any unopened boxes, return them to the store for a refund. If you have had this problem and it is only mild stinging and redness…. and you really want to finish your bottle, you will need to let your lens sit in a separate saline rinse for 30 minutes prior to using the lenses.Our recommendation, if you have experienced redness or irritation, use the stuff to disinfect your toothbrush– not your lenses and purchase a new bottle.

To learn more about the recent trends with contact lenses and lens solution, call us at (619) 461-4913.


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