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Tips on Using Spooky Contact Lenses

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

Happy Halloween from your vision team at Vision Solutions! We have some tips to share with you about applying makeup and using spooky contact lenses.

Please take care when dressing up for Halloween tonight.  We recommend keeping the heavy make up away from your eyes. Some of the makeup brands have toxic chemicals that might burn the cornea.spooky eye contacts 1There is a big caution on using wild eyes “spooky” contact lenses. Here are some important questions you should consider before using spooky contact lenses:

  • Are they sterile or have them been sitting around in someone’s drawer? Contaminated lenses can cause a serious infection.
  • What solution are using using to insert the lenses?  Some solutions are harsh, some must be rinsed before inserting lenses.  You could end up with a a burned cornea.

Remember, your vision is not that clear with wild eyes lenses, so avoid driving. We wish you a safe and happy Halloween! We hope you will stop by our office for an eye exam, free candy and some spooky surprises!!


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