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Diabetes Awareness Month

by Jamie Peters

It is Diabetes Awareness Month so we are taking this opportunity to explain how optometrists can play a big role in detecting this disease.

Your local eye doctors in La Mesa, CA use their ears and eyes as some of the tools in detecting diabetes.  Your exam always starts with a conversation about your eyes.  Dr. Cauchi and Dr. Peters will listen to you and ask questions about your health in general. They are highly trained to catch subtle symptoms of developing diabetes. If you have been diagnosed as diabetic, we will ask about your A1C and if it is high, give you some tips on how to get that under control.  Both eye doctors use their experienced eyes to examine your retina carefully and check for early signs of diabetes.  Even an unusual change in your prescription might be an indicator that you are pre-diabetic.

Each year both eye doctors attend courses and seminars to learn of the latest in diabetes detection, eye care and eye disease.  As a patient, you will probably not be aware of these subtle changes. As some of the leading optometrists in the industry, it’s our job and our passion to provide the best possible eye care to all our patients.

As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why Dr. Cauchi became an optometrist was due to her grandmother”s experience with diabetes. Her grandmother, Lupe Guerrero went blind from diabetic eye disease.  Her vision might have been saved if she would have had an eye exam when the problems were small. It is situations like this one that demonstrate the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams. Schedule your next eye exam today by calling (619) 461-4913 or submitting an appointment request form while you are here on our website.


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