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Feed your Eyes this Thanksgiving

by Jamie Peters

Your local eye doctor in La Mesa, CA is wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Read on to learn some Thanksgiving foods that are particularly healthy for your eyes.

The eye needs special nutrients to keep working year after year.  Vitamins pills are a nice additive but they must be supplemented with eye-healthy foods.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Salmon-cream cheese spread on crackers made from ThanksgivingFood forHealthy Eyes 768×768almond flour
  • Edamame
  • Slivered kale salad with dried cranberries and almonds
  • Romaine salad with red kidney beans, mango and strawberries (add olive oil, mustard and fresh anchovy dressing)
  • Spinach quiche
  • Add spinach to your turkey stuffing
  • Roasted red and orange bell peppers with olive oil/balsamic drizzle
  • Sweet potatoes or yams
  • Dark berry pie (black or blue berry)
  • Cookies made with Chia seeds

Try incorporating some of the these eye-healthy alternatives to your Thanksgiving menu. Your eyes will thank you later!  Your eye doctor in La Mesa CA also recommends to keep the portions small so you won’t experience any stomach pains.  Try to take the family around the block for a walk to make room for the pie!


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