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4 Effective Ways to Prepare Your Eyes for the Summer

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

The warm summer sun brings stronger ultraviolet (UV) rays. While it may be tempting to bask in the sun all day long, overexposure to solar radiation can be harmful for your eyes. Here, your reliable eye doctor at Vision Solutions shares four simple ways to prepare your eyes for the summer.

1. Understand the Effects of UV Rays on Your Eyes

There are three major types of UV radiation: UVA rays, whose long wavelengths enable them to easily pass through your eyes and cause visual impairments; UVB rays, which cause skin and eye sunburns as well as photoaging; and UVC rays, which are absorbed by the ozone layer. Unfortunately, the ozone layer is deteriorating, which means your risk of developing UVC ray-induced visual problems may soon increase.

2. Have Your Eyes Checked Regularly

Having a comprehensive eye exam regularly, especially during summertime, can help you defend yourself against UV-induced problems. Checking your visual health regularly allows us to monitor your eyes for any changes and provide prompt treatment. We can also provide preventive eye care tools, like special lenses designed to block UV rays.

3. Check the UV Index

Before heading outdoors, you can check the Environmental Protection Agency’s UV index, which measures the solar radiation’s intensity per day. The scale goes from 1 (low risk of harm) to 11 (high risk of harm). We suggest applying eye-safe sunscreen and wearing a wide-brimmed hat whenever going outside.

4. Don’t Forget to Wear Your Sunglasses

Most importantly, make sure to wear sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. We have a selection of high-quality sunglasses from Ray-Ban®, Dior, and more, which are engineered to block UV rays from penetrating your eyes. We can also apply UV-resistant coatings on your current eyeglasses for your enhanced visual health and protection.

For more tips on preparing your eyes for the summer, call us at (619) 461-4913. We’re open Monday and Tuesday from 9 A.M. until 5:30 P.M; Wednesday from 8 A.M. up to 5 P.M; Thursday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.; and Friday from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M. Just send us a message so we can set an appointment for you.


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