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4 Reasons Kids Should Have an Eye Exam Before Fall Starts

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

Your children’s eyesight plays a central role in their learning and development. This is why Vision Solutions emphasizes the importance of having them undergo a comprehensive eye exam before they go back to school. Here are four good reasons for your kids should have their eyes checked before fall begins:


1. Early Detection of Underlying Vision Problems

Children may not easily realize they have eyesight problems, which may interfere with their learning. Through an eye exam, your eye care specialist uses his knowledge, experience and skills to check for signs of underlying eye conditions. Being familiar with telltale signs of eyesight errors is also a good idea. Sitting near the TV, squinting and frequent rubbing of your kids’ eyes are some common symptoms.

2. Immediate Management of Various Eye Conditions

Allergies and dry eyes are common problems during autumn. Having your kids undergo an eye exam before the season starts gives your reliable eye doctor a great opportunity to provide preventive eye care. We may suggest wearing face masks before your children head outdoors to reduce hypersensitivity reactions. We may also advise them to blink and rest their eyes regularly, especially when they are using digital devices, to prevent dry eyes.

3. Improved Social Skills

Mingling with other kids, playing sports and participating in outdoor activities are all part of growing up. That said, having impaired vision may prevent your kids from fully enjoying their childhood, reducing their quality of life. Visiting their trusted optometrist routinely can help ensure proper development of their eyes’ various functions, like focusing, accommodation and perception.

4. Better Academic Performance

Refractive errors, like nearsightedness, commonly develop during childhood. Your kids may find it difficult to see things written on the board, which may lead to their poor performance in school. We may prescribe wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve their visual acuity at varying distances.

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