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Common Eye Conditions in Your Adult Years

by Jamie Peters

As you age, your bodily structures and functions may undergo some changes. Your visual capacity, in particular, may decline over time. Increasing age is also a major risk factor for many vision conditions. Let your trusted eye care clinic, Vision Solutions, discuss some common ones.



The natural lenses of your eyes are a combination of water and protein. Over time, your body experiences faster protein breakdown, leading to accumulated protein fragments on your lenses’ surface. Often referred to as cataracts, they limit the amount of light that enters your eyes, causing cloudy or blurry vision. They may be removed surgically for better visual clarity.


Glaucoma happens when structural changes cause your eye fluids to drain ineffectively, resulting in increased pressure in your eyes. This may compress your optic nerve, interfering with the image interpretation cycle. Studies show that individuals aged 60 years old and above are at a higher risk of having this disease. We may prescribe ocular pressure-lowering eye drops as part of your early glaucoma treatment.

Macular Degeneration

Your macula, a small area in your retina, plays an important role in maintaining your central vision. This structure, however, may deteriorate over time, resulting in its loss of function, a condition known as macular degeneration. While there’s no single cure for this disease yet, observing a healthy lifestyle and visiting your eye specialist regularly can help halt its progression.


Your eyes’ natural lenses may become rigid over time, leading to light-bending and focusing problems. This may interfere with the image translation process, causing eyesight problems. You may find it hard to see objects clearly, particularly those near you. This is why older individuals usually hold their reading materials at arm’s length. Wearing multi-powered contact lenses or eyeglasses is an effective way to improve your visual acuity.

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