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Eyes: Their Significance to Different Cultures

by Jamie Peters

Over the years, the eyes have been used by different cultures as symbols of various strong beliefs. In today’s post, your go-to eyeglasses store, Vision Solutions, shares a few examples:


A Brief History

Luzzus are traditional fishing boats, which have been part of Maltese culture since the time of the ancient Phoenicians. If you visit the Maltese islands, you won’t be able to miss these colorful boats. Painted in vibrant and striking shades of red, blue, yellow, and green, these boats primary trademark is a pair of eyes on the bow.

These eyes are believed to represent Egyptian mythology’s Eye of Horus. Legend has it that this symbol is an “all seeing eye” that can protect sailors on the boat. The Phoenicians were convinced that this emblem can protect them from evil, ensuring safe sailing and abundant fish.

Protecting Your Visual Health

Nowadays, painting the Eye of Horus is still a very common practice, and not just on Maltese luzzus. Many use this insignia as a tattoo or amulet.

As your trusted eye doctor, we love learning about how eyes have been used as symbols throughout history. However, the best thing you can do for your eyes is to have a comprehensive eye exam regularly. This helps in the early identification of various ocular conditions, making prompt intervention possible.

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