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Understanding Fall Eye Allergies

by Jamie Peters

Fall is a popular time to enjoy outdoor activities with your loved ones. With the beautiful falling leaves and mild temperatures, there’s no better time for going on a hike or hosting a barbecue. Unfortunately, fall is also prime time for eye allergies. In today’s post, your reliable eye care clinic, Vision Solutions, explains what causes fall eye allergies and how to manage them:

1506935852Understanding Fall Eye Allergies

Causes and Symptoms

Fall brings certain plant-based allergens that can trigger a hypersensitivity reflex from your immune system, leading to histamine release in your bloodstream. This neurotransmitter causes your blood vessels to open, increasing blood flow to affected areas. This is why your eyes may become red, swollen, itchy, or watery after being exposed to a certain allergen.

Ways to Manage Fall Eye Allergies

Avoiding your trigger allergens is the best solution, but it’s not always possible. What you can do is take precautionary steps to protect your eyes. For one, with Halloween just around the corner, you may be planning on using costume contact lenses. Before buying a pair, make sure you have a prescription from your eye doctor. You should also observe cleanliness and proper hygiene all the time. This reduces the risk of hand-eye transfer of allergens.

Wearing protective goggles or wrap-around eyeglasses when outside is another good way to protect yourself from allergens. Not only can they reduce the likelihood of an eye allergy attack, but they can also prevent eye injuries when you are raking fallen leaves or doing other outdoor chores.

For reliable eye care, turn to Vision Solutions. Apart from eye allergy management, we also provide glaucoma treatment, myopia control, and more. Call us at (619) 461-4913 or complete our form to learn more about our eye care products and services. We serve La Mesa, CA.


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