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Your Vision Correction Options in La Mesa

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

At Vision Solutions, we have a variety of vision correction eyewear options. We offer high-quality eyeglasses in different styles and colors, as well as contact lenses that we can customize to address your specific eye care needs.

1509954694Your Vision Correction Options in La Mesa

To help you pick the best option for your specific needs and preferences, your reliable eye doctor discusses the features and benefits of eyeglasses and contacts.

Contact Lenses

One of the great things about contact lenses is they take the shape of your eyes, giving you a wider field of vision than eyeglasses. Because they are applied directly onto the eyes and are more or less invisible, many people who wear contacts feel that they are a more “natural” vision correction method than eyeglasses.

A common misconception you may have heard about contact lenses is that they are hard to handle and cause eye infections. While they might take a bit of getting used to, rest assured we’ll give you detailed instructions on their proper handling during your eye exam. As long as you follow the instructions, you won’t have to worry about contact lens-related complications.


Wearing eyeglasses is a reliable and safe way to experience better visual acuity, which is why eyeglasses have long been the go-to vision correction option. The lenses are easily customizable to accommodate your specific refractive error, and we can apply special UV-protective or blue light-blocking coatings for extra protection. Eyeglasses can also serve as shields, preventing foreign matter and wind from coming into contact with your eyes.

Some people feel that eyeglasses restrict their peripheral vision. To compensate, many designs now feature thin rims and earpieces that provide wider visual coverage. Most eyeglasses these days are made of lightweight materials for improved comfort. We can help you pick a frame that complements your facial features and reflects your personal style. Another great benefit of eyeglasses is that they’re extremely cost efficient. If your lens prescription changes, you may re-use your frames and we’ll just upgrade your lenses.

For more information about our vision correction options, call us at (619) 461-4913. You may also complete our form to schedule a visit. We serve La Mesa, CA, and the surrounding communities.


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