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Why Are My Eyes Red?

by Jamie Peters

Certain eye conditions initiate an inflammatory response in your eyes. This may cause the blood vessels in your eyes to enlarge, giving your eyes a reddish appearance. In today’s post, Vision Solutions, your leading provider of reliable glaucoma treatment and other eye care services, discusses some common causes of red eyes.

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Eye Allergies

Eye allergies happen when trigger substances come into contact with your eyes and irritate them. This may result in eye redness and itchiness. Eye allergies are a common problem in the fall with ragweed pollen and plant debris from falling leaves being major culprits. We can prescribe antihistamine and anti-inflammatory medications to relieve your discomfort.

Contact Lens-Related Complications

Improper handling of your contact lenses is another possible reason behind red eyes. This is why following your doctor’s instructions on how to handle and care for your contacts is so critical. To reduce the risk of contact lens-induced problems, always adhere to your contacts’ replacement schedule. We also advise using only our prescribed lens solution when cleaning or storing your contacts.

Dry Eye Disease

Any irregularities with the quantity or quality of your tears can reduce the lubrication in your eyes, leading to dry eye disease. This may make your eyes itchy, red, and watery. We may advise applying a warm compress or artificial tears to improve your visual health and comfort.

Eye Injuries

Corneal abrasions or any other form of eye trauma may compromise your eyes’ structural integrity, resulting in eye redness. If you sustain an eye injury, do not rub or press your eyes. Avoid self-medicating as well. The best thing to do is to head to your trusted eye care clinic for an evaluation.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Using electronic devices like computers, tablets, or smart phones for a prolonged period can cause computer vision syndrome. Common symptoms include eye fatigue, as well as heavy, sore, and red eyes. Practicing the 20-20-20 rule is an effective remedy to this problem. After spending 20 minutes or more in front of your electronic devices, rest your eyes by looking 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

For more information about common causes of red eyes, call us at (619) 461-4913. You may also complete our form to schedule an appointment. We serve La Mesa, CA, and nearby areas.


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