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Young Patients At Risk of Myopia

by Jamie Peters

Your eye doctor in La Mesa, CA discusses the recent rise in myopia (nearsightedness) amongst patients of all ages, specifically children. Read on to learn what you can do to prevent yourself or your children from developing myopia.  The world is currently experiencing an epidemic; the disease is myopia, otherwise known as nearsightedness.

Statistics About Myopiabigstock Smart Little Toddler Girl With 132045287 768×512

  • In 1972 26% of the people in the US were nearsighted.
  • In 2001 that number jumped to 42%.
  • In 2017 your local eye doctor expects that number to be even higher.
  • These numbers are even higher in the Asian population – especially the Chinese.

Myopia Trends

Why do we see these numbers continue to rise? It is a result of the complex interaction between genetics and the new technological world in which we live. In the past, kids started getting nearsighted when they went to college. We now see this trend starting to happen in grade school.

The earlier a child becomes nearsighted, the more severe the outcome.  In other words, these kids will grow up to be highly nearsighted adults.  High myopia is a disease that can result in damaged vision or even blindness.  It can also affect a child’s ability to learn as well as their social development.  In the coming weeks, Dr. Cauchi, OD will discuss these risks in detail.

Are you ready to become a warrior and take up the challenge to protect you and your children’s future sight and health?  You can call your eye doctor directly at (619) 461-4913.


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