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How Often Should You Have Your Eyes Checked?

by Caroline Cauchi, OD

Regular eye checkups are the most important component of a solid preventive eye care plan. By examining your eyes on a regular basis, we can promptly detect and treat any underlying vision problems. So, how often do you really need to go to the eye doctor for a checkup? Read on to find out.

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For Children

Children’s eyes are still developing, so they need special attention. We recommend bringing your child to their first comprehensive eye exam at six months of age, another when they turn three and another before they begin first grade. This way, we can determine if they need contact lenses or eyeglasses to aid in learning and development. After that point, you should have your child’s eyes checked every two years.

For Adults

Adults (18 years and above) not at risk of developing eye conditions are recommended to have complete eye assessments once every two years. If you are at a risk of developing certain eye conditions, your doctor may recommend a more frequent checkup schedule. Yearly ocular checkups are also advised for individuals 61 years old and above since advanced age is a risk factor for many visual problems.

Keep in mind that this recommended eye exam schedule mainly serves as a guide. If you need glaucoma treatment or you have other pre-existing eye care concerns, your reliable eye doctor may suggest a different eye assessment timeline. We will also consider your family history, current visual health status and other relevant factors.

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