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From the Desk of Dr. Cauchi: Scleral Lenses Can Change Lives (Part 1)

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Keratoconus is a disease that causes a progressive thinning and bulging of the eye’s surface. As the disease progresses the vision worsens and glasses are no longer able to improve vision. These people lose the ability to work and drive.

Many of these people are undiagnosed and are just told “this is the best vision you can get.” When we find that we can’t improve someone’s vision to at least 20/25 we use a specialized instrument to map their eye’s surface. Often this shows early bulging/keratoconus.

In the past, the best they could hope for was a corneal transplant. This prevented them from losing their sight completely but the vision was still very poor. But today, we will custom-design a special scleral lens that provides a new smooth round eye surface and restores their sight and their life. In fact, the rate of corneal transplants has been declining since 2012 and most practitioners feel it is due to this amazing alternative.

If you or someone you know has keratoconus, have them contact us to see if scleral lenses might restore their life.


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