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What Will Optometry Practices Look Like Post-COVID?


COVID-19’s rapid sweep across the country has forced many eye care practices to make rapid clinical management decisions. Some optometrists temporarily shuttered their businesses due to the pandemic, while others began to offer emergency appointment services and telehealth.

As mandatory restrictions begin to lift in many locations, optometrists are beginning to open their doors for routine care. The difference at Vision Solutions is that we never shuttered our doors. We stayed open with a locked door. How could we just abandon our patients who needed care? We saw lots of patients with eye injuries, broken glasses, lost contact lenses and those who needed help. This gave us plenty of time to invent, implement and practice stricter sanitation routines. Yes, we are sure you noticed our office has always been VERY clean, but now it is super hygienic.

Some of the Changes You Should Expect to See

1) Signage throughout the office spelling out new steps and protocols to ensure maximum safety for staff and patients alike.

2) Social distancing will be the new norm. Packed waiting rooms will be a thing of the past. Instead, we have spaced seating to reduce capacity and scheduled longer intervals to minimize patient interactions. You will be asked to avoid bringing family members to the exam. If you need them for support or assistance when selecting a frame, we will ask that they wait in the car or in outdoor chairs (unless it is a child). We will come get them when they are needed.

3) When picking up your new glasses or if you need a repair, the frames will be sprayed with medical disinfectant before and after we adjust them. If you are looking at new glasses, each frame you touch is removed for disinfection.

4) Methods will be introduced to decrease the number of surfaces a patient touches.

All patients must use hand sanitizer when they enter the office.

We keep the front door locked, so you don't have to touch it.

We have cashless payments.

We will bring your contacts, nutraceuticals or glasses to your car if you prefer.

We encourage new patients to fill our registration forms online.

The office is thoroughly sanitized before and after each patient visit.

5) Patients who aren’t feeling well or who have been in contact with someone who is ill will be asked to reschedule their appointment two to three weeks in the future.

6) Measuring one's temperature at the entrance will become commonplace. Though not the most reliable screening tool, as those who are asymptomatic can still spread the virus, it will identify some people who aren’t well.  Anyone registering 100.4° or above will be sent home.

7) Everyone in the office (patients, staff and doctors) are required to wear masks. We ask that you keep talking to a minimum when close contact is necessary.

8) Individuals with suspected ocular infections will be put in a special containment area.

So have no fear, we have a well developed routine for keeping you safe and we have been performing and refining it for the last two months.

If you're dealing with a vision or eye health issue and need to visit Vision Solutions, or if you would like some more information on how we have adapted our practice due to COVID-19, please don't hesitate in contacting us. We'll be happy to assist you however we can.


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We are well-practiced at keeping you safe.