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Optos California

Optos California ThumbnailWe want to introduce the Optos California! We added this new piece of amazing eye care technology to improve our patient care & make your eye exam more efficient, expedient, and informative. The California means NO MORE DILATION! Get a full picture of your retina and still maintain proper social distancing measures. Plus, we can identify early signs of various diseases, signs of high cholesterol, tumors, and more.

California icg was developed for retinal specialists to optimize management of AMD, uveitic conditions and other choroidal pathology. Imaging modalities and image viewing options are detailed below.

With California, Optos has incorporated new hardware and software technology enabling practitioners to see more, discover more and effectively treat more ocular pathology thus promoting patient health.

In addition to the benefits found with all of the UWF devices from Optos such as 200 degrees or up to 82% of the retina captured in a single image, in multiple modalities, as well as eyecare professionals being able to see 50% more of the retina when compared to other conventional imaging devices, California icg, offers the following benefits:

– Motorized head and chin rest to more easily assist those patients requiring additional assistance during imaging

– Multiple imaging modalities including; 3-in-1 color depth imaging (color, red-free and choroidal in a single image) as well as autofluorescence. and interweaved angiography which enables parallel capture of fa and icg images without manually switching between imaging modalities.

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