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International Academy of OrthoK and Myopia Control

The International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control (IAOMC) is an organization dedicated to:

  • Educating doctors new to the science of corneal reshaping
  • Conducting and funding research in orthokeratology and myopia
  • Educating the public to the dangers of the myopia epidemic.

The IAOMC has 6 sections across the world (the US, Europe, China, Oceania, Latin America and India). Dr. Cauchi sits on the Board of Directors for the IAOMC helping to develop policy and guide the international field of orthokeratology. She is also the Chair of the Fellowship program. A Fellow of the Academy (FIAO) is an individual who has undergone extensive study and preparation in order to sit for the comprehensive examination testing their advanced knowledge of the field. As Chair, she has the responsibility of overseeing this testing to insure that only the most qualified individuals gain this distinguished designation.

Vision by Design. This is the annual educational conference sponsored by the American section of the IAOMC. Dr. Cauchi is a frequent lecturer at this meeting but is also the founder and co-chair of “Bootcamp for Newcomers”. This is a 1 ½ day program developed to provide doctors new to this field with excellent basic training.

Photos of Dr. Cauchi lecturing in Australia 2016 and Dallas 2017. Dr. Cauchi also spoke at the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) convention in January 2018!


cauci lecturing international orthok australia

Australia 2016

dr cauchi dallas american academy of orthokeratology and myopia control

Dallas 2017


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