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Pediatric Eye Exams

blocksHere at Vision Solutions children are comfortable because they know we really like them. They are welcome here. We also know that they are not mini-adults. The exam for a child must be customized to their age. Kids under age 5 tend to be a bit fearful. We approach them in a non threatening manner, calmly and quietly. We direct the questions to them, so they feel special. If they seem fearful, we take more time so they won’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. Most children aren’t afraid in our office because, being women, we look like “mommy”. If the child is older we explain what we are doing in detail, so they can learn and feel more grown up.

babyIf your child does not know their alphabet, we have other ways of measuring their vision with specialized pediatric vision charts. Our La Mesa optometrists determine their prescription with a computerized instrument (auto refractor) that gives us a very accurate estimate their Rx. If possible, we let them help us refine that prescription by showing them different choices of lenses. Most of the time, even the little ones can help participate because we make it a game.

During the exam, we check for lazy eye, eye muscle problems, eye health problems and of course, insure that they can see accurately. When it comes to using eye drops, we have a special way to administer them that rarely results in tears. Most children actually enjoy the exam because we make it fun. Dr. Jamie Starr Peters & Dr. Guerrero Cauchi & Dr. Jamie Starr Peters have a special waiting area for kids filled with toys and games. At the end of the exam, everyone gets to pick a gift. We want kids to like us and want to return year after year.