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Custom Lenses for Difficult to Fit Eyes

Why do some people need custom contact lenses?

Some eye diseases and conditions cause the cornea ( the clear front covering of the eye) to become misshapen, preventing the ability to see clearly with traditional glasses and/or contact lenses. If this happens you may need to be fit with a specialized lens to create a uniform, normal shaped cornea again. Patients with eye diseases such as keratoconus can enjoy improved vision and comfort when the eye is fit with these unique lenses. Even those people with dry eye who have tried contact lenses in the past can comfortably return to contact lens wear again.

Here are some of the specialty lenses we offer:

Scleral Lenses

This is a very large diameter rigid contact lens. It covers the cornea completely and extends on to the white portion of your eye. It provides a new and improved surface to corneas that have been damaged or diseased. The white portion (sclera) has few nerves and is less sensitive, so these lenses tend to be quite comfortable while they restore vision. Because they do not touch the cornea, the damaged cornea is bathed in smooth tears all day long. In many cases, the cornea is healthier wearing a scleral lens.

These lenses are used when a patient has lost sight due to keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal dystrophy, corneal scarring, severe dry eye, corneal transplants, graft vs host disease, refractive surgery gone bad and ocular pemphigoid. They can also be used for general purposes when a traditional contact lens is just not fitting properly.

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Hybrid (AKA Duette)

Hybrid lenses are both soft and hard. The center of the lens is rigid, providing the superior visual clarity of a rigid lens. But hard lenses can be irritating and allow debris to be swept under the lens, resulting is immediate discomfort. The rigid center of the hybrid lens is surrounded by a soft skirt. This improves the comfort significantly. It also prevents debris from getting under the lens. So you get the supreme visual clarity as well as supreme comfort. For more information go to:

Custom Toric Lenses:

Have you been told that your prescription is just too bad for soft lenses? That isn’t true. We can fit you with a soft astigmatic lens in any prescription. Our laboratory will custom design and hand-make a lens for you based on our specifications. No Rx is impossible.

Dry Eye Lenses:

If you have moderately dry eyes and just find contact lenses are too scratchy, we can find a lens or lens/medication combo that will allow you to wear contact lenses again. However, some patients have corneal disease that produces dry eyes 24/7. These people are miserable with symptoms of scratchiness, grittiness, burning and blurring. We will design a lens for you that will restore your comfort and vision.

Prosthetic Lenses:

These lenses are used when an eye has been scarred and appears “whitish”. It can affect employment opportunities, place the patient at risk of ridicule and cause social isolation. We can customize a soft lens for the damaged eye that will match the other eye using digital imaging.


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