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Our Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly staff who make Vision Solutions the leading provider of vision care products and services in La Mesa, CA. All our staff go through a rigorous and continuous training program. We know that the first person you encounter in the office is probably our staff, so they must be supremely knowledgeable in order to answer your questions in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Optical Boutique Manager

Keeps the optical boutique up to date, so we offer the finest quality and “hottest” frames. We have found if we limit our inventory to high quality frames, everyone saves in the long run. You save because your frame stays in good repair and lasts a long time.We save because the frames stay in adjustment and rarely need repair.

Optical Lab Liaison

The manager works with our laboratory representatives to ensure that our jobs are being fabricated to our exacting specifications, that the quality is un-compromised and the jobs are completed on a timely basis. The labs tell us we are the “pickiest” office in town. We are proud of that reputation.. I also meet with the lens manufacturers to learn about the latest lens technology. Digital surfacing now allows us super high definition vision. Advances in progressive and specialty lenses occur monthly. I take this information and provide the staff with weekly updates.

Front Office Manager

The manager insures that your experience at Vision solutions goes smoothly. She oversees the office flow insuring that your wait is kept to a minimum. Like the other staff members, she is also a trained optician who performs medical testing and can assist him helping you select eyewear or contact lenses.

Contact Lens Technician

This optician is the “go-to” staff member for all contact lens related concerns. She will teach you how to wear and care for your lenses. If you have a problem, she will triage and be sure you get timely care. She is also the liaison for all our orthoK, myopia control and specialty lens wearers.

Insurance Liaison

This staff member insures that the premiums for which you and your employer pay a lot of money, are utilized. Today, this is a very complicated process, so you will often see me wearing my Sherlock Holmes cap, navigating the very complicated waters to insure that you get every penny for which you are entitled.


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